Cassandra “Cassie” Curley   Peace Messenger

As a messenger of Peace, my goal is to bring awareness to those open to seeing the World in a New and Unified way - to invoke a willingness to achieve Peace through our Universal need for Love, Connection to one another and Purpose. I believe we can achieve this by using Nature as our model. This is what I have outlined in "From Fear to Eternity" and the message I am seeking to share with the world.  

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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes is a non-profit that Cassie co-founded with Robin McLeod. Their mission is to assist children who are transitioning out of the foster care system when it is time for them to go out into the world and be on their own for the first time.
They will benefit by receiving a portion of the proceeds of the sale of the book as well as separate donations that may be garnered along the way. Click on the logo above to find out more!
What People Are Saying 
About The Book:

Hi Cassie,
Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your book 
From Fear to Eternity. It's succinct and powerfully clear in presenting the energetic relationship of ALL and should resonate to the masses. You've artfully synthesized complex theories into easy to comprehend sound bites.
Hats off to you, Dear One!
 Diana DeVita, PhD

I am blown away! I just finished reading your book and am impressed beyond words. 

You know I feel you are a very special person with a beautiful outlook on life and you did an outstanding job of capturing and communicating what you know to be true. As you set out to do, I believe you have written it in a way that is easy for 'the rest of us' to understand. :)

I wish the best for you Cassandra and believe in my heart of hearts your path is going to lead you on the most incredible journey!

T Cissel

Completed 1/21/12!

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